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ISEET Pattern – duration – weightages

Here is the proposed pattern:

ISEET consists of 2 parts: ISEET MAIN and ISEET ADVANCE. both of them would be conducted on a single day


Iseet main would test on the following skills: reading comprehension, logical reasoning, critical thinking/aptitude for a duration of 3 hours. The test will be of objective type questions.


Iseet advance would test in on the following skills: Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Note: there could be changes before ISEET is finally implemented.


per the initial proposal, the weightages to be given to the ISEET main, ISEET advance and the board examinations are as follows:

ISEET main: 30%

ISEET advance: 30%

Board exam: 40%

Giving weightage to board exam is being heavily opposed by the student community and might likely change before the exam is implemented.

Individual states might decide to give different weightages to ISEET main,ISEET advance, Board exam but the HRD ministry’s proposal is to ensure that

1. The board exam has a minimum weightage of 40%

2. The combined weightage of ISEET main and ISEET advance is a maximum of 60%.

this means that it is permissible for a state government to give 100% weightage to board exams.


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